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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Review from Shadow Kissed Cassie

from Cassie @

Ami Blackwelder has done an amazing job again! Don’t miss adding this book to your “To-Read” Shelf!

Allison is sitting in her High School English class when Tommy, a popular football player jumps from the school roof and dies. All of Millennium High is shocked at the suicide but Allison is more than just shocked, she is suspicious. Her and her friends take it upon themselves to investigate Tommy’s death and what they find is more dangerous than any depressed teen suicide. Allison soon gets sucked into the world of Angelfire, angels who serve mankind by protecting humans from demons…..demons like Dameon.

Dameon has made it his mission to harm Allison and anyone who gets in his way. Now she must work will the amazingly handsome Kian to save New York from falling under the control of Dameon and his gang.

Blackwelder has created an angel story that surpasses other popular YA paranormal’s like Hush, Hush. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the world of Angelfire and getting to know the characters that made this story so memorable. Not many stories start off so intriguing and it doesn’t take much time to realize what seemed like a teenage suicide was really a murder. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book in the series! Make the Angelfire series part of your library today!

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