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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Review from Cocktails and Books

from Cocktails and Books

Ali Maney thinks she's just hit the high school jackpot when the hottest guy in the school starts paying attention to her, but she soon learns that the death of a classmate and the dark, hot Dameon are linked together and she's the next target for the sinister Dark Angel.

With the help of a group of newbies: Kian, Krysta and Nathaniel..who are AngelFire (angels for all intents and purposes), Ali tries to come to grips with the the reality that angels and demons do exist, while helping her new friends find a way to trap Dameon in hopes of stopping the demons from running wild in New York City.

As I've said before, I'm not generally a big angel story fan, but this one that I enjoyed. Ali was a girl who just wanted to be loved. She thought she finally found that in Dameon, but again, she finds that he didn't really want her...he wanted to get rid of her. But when she finally decides to trust in the group of newbies who have befriended her best friends, she finds the one person who loves her for who she is. 

Kian, having spent most of his life living on the streets, is found by the AngelFire leader and now living amongst his kind. While he did his job, he was still an outsider. But when he find Ali, he finds the reason in his life. He knows he must follow the rules and he cannot have any kind of intimate contact with Ali, Kian knows he will do whatever is necessary to protect Ali from Dameon and those like him.

Ami Blackwelder does an excellent job of creating a storyline and characters that has your attention locked from the very beginning. I will definitely be looking for the next installment in the series.

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