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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Reviews from Sebrena

               She Speaks to Angels (The AngelFire Chronicles #1)
The book has great promise and is the first of a trilogy. I found the first half of the book moved rather slowly, however, the second half moved along at a fast rate and became a real page turner. It's a gripping young adult novel that brings together angels & demons with romance & suspense. A welcome diversion from vampires and werewolves. But, it's not for realists though.

                Dumah's Demons (The AngelFire Chronicles #1.5)
This is a great novella. It gives just enough to get you wanting more. It works as a stand alone but you you will need to read, She Speaks to Angels, in order to understand some of the characters. The story is of Kian’s sister, Dumah (Dumah is found in 'Falling Angels', Book 2) and how she becomes a Dark Angel. 

                Falling Angels (The AngelFire Chronicles #2)
I enjoyed this book. It has a good storyline about how people never seem to be happy with what they have and always want more. I couldn't seem to read the pages fast enough to see what would happen next. Can not wait to see how book 3 turns out. This is worth the read. You will not be disappointed!


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