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Monday, May 26, 2014

Review of Dumah's Demons

from J. Annas Walker's Romance and More
on Dumah's Demons

This is a short outtake from the series. It did it's job in piquing my curiosity about the series, but it doesn't stand alone. I felt like I was missing a world of information vital to the story. In a way, it was a middle with no beginning and no real ending. If you're going to read this story, be sure to start with the AngelFire Chronicles book 1.

The story focuses on Dumah and her realization she possesses dark magic. In the opening scene, we see Dumah as the victim of a brutal rape, which is not graphically described but is very present. Her brother doesn't prevent the rape, and this divides the siblings. Dumah is immediately approached by Daemon and leaves with him to uncover her powers.

I had a bit of trouble believing a teenage girl would leave with a strange man/boy after being raped the previous night. Daemon is helpful and does offer her something she's never had, a family. However she showed no real reluctance or even shock over the violation. I can say the story is well written and made me wonder what brought the siblings to where this short novella begins. It is only my reaction to Dumah's rape that made me cringe. This isn't a story I would recommend to middle grade readers, but older YA readers familiar with the series would enjoy it. I give Dumah's Demons three stars.

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